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Queen Size Modern Bed Mattress Room interior

There are different sizes available for the bed in the modern era. Some of them are these. Queen Size Modern Bed, King size bed, and Eastern King bed. All of these beds are equal to the length but is different in width.

Queen sizes beds are designed for average bedrooms. However, the king size bed is of larger size, that’s why it also takes more place.

A table is drawn to emphasize the differences between Queen Size and King size beds.

Queen Size Modern Bed

King Size Bed Queen Size Bed
Width76 inches 193 cm60 inches 152 cm
Length80 inches 203 cm80 inches 203 cm
Width per-person38 inches 96.5 cm per-person30 inches 76 cm per person
CostKing size beds and mattresses are expensive than all other size bed.Queen size beds are less costly as compared to King size beds.
UsageKing size beds are specially used in bigger room & also in upper-class society.Queen beds are usually placed in smaller bed-rooms and also in guest rooms.
FrameThe frame is important for a center support besides the normal rectangular structure.The frame is also important for a center support besides the normal rectangular structure.
PopularityPurchases of King size beds is 34% of all other beds sizes.Purchases of King size beds is 52% of all other beds sizes.
AdvantageThe king size bed are mostly for bigger people so that they can get greater comfort and space with ease.It is usually for two persons to get a good sleep.

Standard Sizes

Queen Size Modern Bed sizes vary from countries. However, A standard King size bed is longer than a queen size bed. It’s measuring is 76 inches 193 cm. However, a queen size bed is small so its measure is 60 inches 152 cm. The length of both beds is the same as 80 inches 203 cm.

Non-Standard Size

Sometimes the bed or the mattress frames are slightly larger or smaller. Due to which enough trouble arises. So whenever the bed or the mattresses you need to buy. Queen Size Modern Bed is most popular.

First of all, be sure to measure the bed or mattress in your home first. Non-standard sizes are of especially thick mattresses. The following are usually unusual non-standard Queen grade sizes:

California Queen4 inches 10 cm long from the standard queen size meter.
Olympic Queen 167.6 cm x 203 cm
(66″ x 80″)
Six inches long than the standard queen size meter.
Split Queen6 cm x 203 cm
(30″ by 80″)

Common nonstandard sizes

California king 72″ x 84″ (183 cm x 213 cm)
Split king 2 inches 5 cm long than from the standard queen size 39″ x 80″ (99 cm x 203 cm)

IKEA Queen and King Sizes

IKEA’s queen and king mattresses¬† in U.S are 1.27 cm to 2.5 cm smaller than standard lengths. Similarly, the IKEA bed frames will not be properly contained in non-IKEA mattresses.

Pros & Cons Queen Size Modern Bed

38 inches (96.5 cm) per person

Demand and Popularity chart

  • Queen beds: 41%
  • Twin beds: 33%
  • Full beds: 16%
  • King beds:10%


The size of the Queen size bed is less than the size of the King size bed. That’s why the price of Queen size bed is also less than the King size beds. However, the cost of these beds and mattresses cannot be told correctly. Their price is different in all countries and cities. Apart from this, there cost is also different in different seasons.

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In the end, it is not bad to say that a nice day starts with a good sleeping at night. So it is very important to have a good bed for a good sleep. Hope you understand the queen size modern bed fully. You can order us by whatsapp or by direct call or fill the below form.


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